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Our Kids Program

Yes, your child will gain physical skills such as self-defense and coordination. Even more, through our kids' capoeira program, your child will develop life skills of respect, calmness, and attention that will help them succeed in school and in their interpersonal relationships, in a safe and fun learning environment.

Our kids program focuses on developing your child into a well-rounded individual through the development of not just physical skills, but also language and music skills. Your child will learn basic Portuguese from our instructors, and will also learn various Brazilian instruments. Many of the children in our program begin singing songs in Portuguese within three months, due to our excellent music class. Gymnastics, physical conditioning, and self-defense make up the content of each capoeira class.

Mastering capoeira takes dedication and commitment--two essential traits your child will use in all other aspects of their life. All children will have the opportunity over time to progress through a colored belt rank system. This provides the building blocks for learning how to set and achieve goals, and brings a positive social standing and improves their overall self-evaluation.

Our Adults Program

No matter what your current fitness level, capoeira will take you to a higher level of well-being, strength, and flexibility. You will become a part of our fun-loving community, make new friends, and get in the best shape of your life while learning the Brazilian martial art of capoeira.

In our adult program, you will get leaner, fitter, and stronger. Capoeira is a full-body workout that burns fat and tones muscles. Our capoeira program is exciting and fun, and will likely be the best part of your day! Nothing relieves stress like playing a game of capoeira or kicking the heavy bag many times! Come check it out for yourself, you will not be disappointed!

Our Toddlers Program

It is never too early to place your young child on the path of self-discovery, respect for peers, attentiveness, curiosity, and self-discipline. Our program is unique in that it not only teaches the physical skills of capoeira, but focuses also on the early developmental skills necessary for your child to succeed, all in a super fun, safe, and highly interactive environment.

Society is filled with many audio and visual distractions: it is important to begin nurturing focus as a habit at a young age. In every capoeira class, your toddler will exercise our three areas of focus: focus of the eyes, of the mind, and of the body. Your toddler's attention span will improve over time within our capoeira program, and will help them in pre-school and kindergarten.

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