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More Than Just Capoeira

What our students say about us

This group has become family to me and has allowed me to express and work on myself in a safe but challenging environment.

- Joanna N.

Capoeira has been the single most beneficial activity that I've ever participated in. When I'm training consistently, I feel phenomenal!

-Kalina L.

It's been two years since our first class and now the boy who once suffered from postural disorder is standing up straight, doing handstands and participating in acrobatics. The same boy who suffered from low self esteem is standing in front of an entire group of adults and kids singing in Portuguese and leading the roda in song. As we prepare our Autistic son for an unpredictable world, I am grateful that he has a place of refuge where he feels safe, loved and supported... ...Capoeira means much more to us than a martial art; it is our extended family!

-Tara L.

Kids of all ages, as well as their parents, love these San Diego kids martial arts classes. That’s because they focus beyond martial arts. Classes are taught self-discipline and respect, as well as focus and confidence. The kids are better-behaved everywhere they go, their sense of respect improves, and they perform better in school.

Our classes are results-focused, and there are an array of fun activities and games for kids of all ages. Every age is perfectly catered to, and the kids love these classes as they perfect their martial arts techniques and learn new ones. LEARN MORE…


Capoeira is a great fitness solution for busy adults looking to get in shape and relieve stress.

Learning control, balance, and powerful kicks are just a few of the great benefits of martial arts training. Aside from the great bonding experience that comes with training in a team environment, the mental benefits are a great solution to the daily pressures that jobs, school & family life often cause. Whether you’re interested in physical fitness, self-defense, or even just an athletic social outlet, our school is a safe and positive environment. We provide a fun, activity-driven atmosphere where those with common interests can join together in physically rewarding and mentally challenging activities. LEARN MORE…

We are excited to offer classes in San Diego designed for tots and parents, focusing on listening and basic motor skills. This “Mommy and Me” style class is excellent for parent to child bonding. LEARN MORE…

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We promise to keep your email address and privacy safe.